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WG581 Industrial Intelligent Gateway
single core, single network port and single serial port

Hw Param:single-core CPU, 128MB storage, 1 Fast Ethernet port, 1 serial port

Networking:Cat4/Cat1 4G、2.4G WIFI(AP/STA)、Ethernet

Gathering:PLC, instruments, environmental protection, hydrology, energy and other equipment data

Edge Computing:Protocol analysis, alarm triggering, jump triggering, formula calculation, edge decision-making

Cloud Adaptation:access to WTBL cloud platform, self-developed cloud and third-party industrial platform

System Application:Remote maintenance equipment, multi-network mutual backup, breakpoint continuation,network and application self-recovery, serial port forwarding, protocol forwarding, etc

Multiple networking functions and interfaces

Support 1 network ports, 1 serial ports, support 4G, WIFI, Ethernet and other network access methods

Powerful data collection capability

Support data collection of various PLC, instrumentation, machine tools, robotic arms, environmental protection, power and other equipment, quickly collect patented algorithms, and collect mainstream industrial control protocols (Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, OPC UA, DTL645, IEC, PPI, MPI, ISO on TCP, EtherNET...), and supports customized protocol development


Rich edge computing functions

Support a variety of edge computing functions such as intelligent collection, data filtering, alarm calculation, jump trigger, formula calculation, grouping strategy, etc.
After the equipment model is established and the data is standardized, the equipment heterogeneity is eliminated and the standardization is realized, which greatly saves the R&D and construction costs of the project.

Flexible cloud-based adaptation

Supports access to remote software platforms through MQTT, MODBUS, OPCUA, SQL, and HTTP databases(Including: WTBL IOT cloud platform, cloud platform independently developed by customers, IOT cloud platforms such as RootCloud、Meiyun、Huawei、Alibaba、Baidu、Microsoft, configuration software, MES、ERP and other industrial software )
Support simultaneous access to different types of cloud platforms and software, and support customized adaptation

Fully remote O&M manages onsite devices

The embedded remote operation and maintenance module, together with WTBL's Device Maintenance Fast Line and equipment maintenance cloud platform, can realize remote configuration, remote debugging, remote diagnosis, remote update program and other functions for on-site equipment, and cooperate with WTBL's gateway management cloud platform to achieve remote configuration, monitoring, diagnosis, update program and other functions for gateways distributed around the world.

Rich industrial edge applications

Serial port forwarding, Modbus TCP forwarding, equipment timing, anti disassembly locking, breakpoint continuous transmission, and multi network mutual backup……

Open API development interface

Provide rich API interfaces to software developers, and realize data collection, two-way control and remote management of field devices through the open platform format MQTT+JSON of WTBL. Users can quickly build advanced and professional industrial application systems.

High security and reliability

Built-in firewall and various encryption mechanisms
Built-in software and hardware watchdogs, care procedures (network disconnection, resumable breakpoint, abnormal self-recovery), to ensure data security and system stability and reliability, to achieve unattended
Full industrial grade design, CE, EMC, high and low temperature, industrial safety connection certification, supporting 6~35V wide voltage power supply, - 20 ° C~70 ° C industrial wide temperature design, meeting the harsh industrial environment

Application Scenarios

Access WTBL's cloud platform
Independent development platform
Access to the third platform
Remote maintenance equipment
Device protocol conversion


Software Specifications
Network features Network access Support 4G, WIFI, Ethernet access
Network authentication Support CHAP/PAP authentication, support APN access
CAT1 network For TDD-LTE/FDD LTE specific frequency band information, please refer to the ordering information table 
CAT4 network GSM/GPRS/EDG EUMTS/HSPA+/CDMA2000-EVDO/TD-SCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD LTE/NR 5G For specific frequency band information, please refer to the ordering information table
LAN protocol Support ARP, DNS, DHCP
WAN protocol Support Static IP, DHCP, PPPOE, GRE
IP application Support Ping, Trace, Route, NAT, DMZ, etc.
Internet application Support disconnection and reconnection, support for multi-network mutual backup
 WIFI function
Protocol standard Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operating mode Support FAT AP, FIT AP, STA, Relay and other working modes
Band rate Support 2.4G single frequency band, support 150M/300Mbps (single antenna/dual antenna)
Safety features Support open system, shared key, WPA/WPA2 authentication
Support WEP/TKIP/AES encryption
Transmission distance 100m (the actual transmission distance depends on the site environment)
Safety Protection security Support stateful packet inspection (SPI), prevent denial of service (DoS) attacks, filter multicast/Ping detection packets, source port mapping, destination port mapping, DMZ, access control function (ACL), IP-MAC binding
Data Security Support L2TP VPN/PPTP VPN/IPSec VPN/ OPEN VPN/Device VPN (optional)
Safety certificate TLS security encryption, user name password and certificate authentication access
Firewall Built-in firewall function, all-round network blocking and protection
Link detection Support sending heartbeat detection packet detection, automatic connection when disconnected
Watchdog Protection Multiple software and hardware watchdogs to achieve self-healing of equipment failures
Functional Safety Guard Real-time care of various functional modules, pre-judging and processing possible errors and self-healing
Intelligent Internet of Things Support MQTT protocol, support JSON message and MQTT transparent transmission
Intelligent collection The patented fast acquisition and stable acquisition algorithm realizes stable, reliable and efficient data acquisition, and supports one gateway to collect multiple different types of devices
Protocol analysis Support the protocol analysis of mainstream PLC controllers, instruments, collectors and various controllers
such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, Delta, Modbus, DTL645, etc.
Edge computing It can realize functions such as data filtering, grouping, alarm reporting, jump triggering and formula calculation
Standardize Standardize the data of various protocols and build object models to achieve data and business standardization
Cloud access Supports simultaneous connection to multiple MQTT platforms of different types or the same type of data center
: Wutong Bolian Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, etc.
Environmental Protection HJ212-2017, Hydrology SL651-2014, Electric Power 104 Protocol, Industrial Control OPC UA
Data penetration Support MQTT data penetration function, realize data analysis and application in the cloud
Remote maintenance Cooperate with equipment maintenance express line to realize remote diagnosis, remote debugging and upgrade of on-site equipment
Network access Cooperate with the equipment access express line to realize the establishment of remote monitoring links between equipment and equipment, equipment and software
Protocol forwarding Realize the conversion of different protocols into a unified protocol such as Modbus TCP, etc.
Serial forwarding Realize serial port data forwarding to another serial port, realize multi-master-slave architecture data acquisition
Device model Support multi-device combined reporting, support one device split into multiple sub-devices for reporting
Http Supports resumable upload from breakpoints, and supports storage media including memory/TF/SSD/EMMC
Data storage Historical data can be stored in memory or TF card or hard disk SSD or EMMC
Two-way control Support data timing reporting, immediate read, immediate write, batch read, batch write and other controls
Channel monitoring Support online status and heartbeat reporting of devices and gateways to monitor link status
Bus adaptation Support adapting different algorithms according to different buses to ensure stable and reliable transmission
Positioning information Support base station positioning and GPS/BD positioning (optional)
IO volume collection Support internal digital and analog acquisition of gateway (optional)
Management and maintenance Configuration project Support both local and remote configuration of data points and gateway applications
Application upgrade Support local and remote program upgrades, rapid product feature release and iteration
Remote diagnosis Supports remote diagnosis and recovery of gateway failures
Log function Supports complete and detailed log functions to facilitate and quickly troubleshoot and diagnose problems
Import and Export Support the import and export of project files, which is convenient for diagnosis and batch configuration
Diagnostic commands Support rich diagnostic command interface, can realize local self-diagnosis
Status query System status, module status, network connection status, application status, etc.
Application development Custom Development Support Wutong Bolian to customize the development of edge applications on the gateway according to user needs
Edge development Support users' own engineers to develop edge computing applications on the gateway
Cloud development Provides rich API interfaces to facilitate development engineers to develop upper-level software
Hardware Specifications
Hardware platform CPU core 580MHZ single core
run storage 128MB(1Gb)
program storage 16MB (128Mb)
data storage none
Interface features Power interface DC 6V-35V (terminal)
Ethernet port 1*10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port, LAN port, 1.5KV network isolation transformer protection, FE0 (LAN)
Serial interface 1 serial port (RS232/RS485), 15KV ESD protection
4G network standard LTE Cat4, maximum downlink rate 150Mbps, maximum uplink rate 50Mbps
LTE Cat1, maximum downlink rate 10Mbps, maximum uplink rate 5Mbps
SIM card holder Drawer type card holder * 1 (large card)
reset button Pinhole reset button
Antenna connector 3G/4G network: SMA x 1, WLAN: RP-SMA x 2
Extension ports GPS/BD optional
Mechanical properties Dimensions 84x100x26(mm)
Installation method Panel/rail
shell Metal shell (local gold)
Protection class IP30
Cooling method Fanless cooling
weight 280g
environment humidity environment humidity 5% ~ 95% (no frosting)
storage temperature -40℃~ 85℃
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
indicator light 1*6 indicator lights POWER power light (red), STATUS status light (green), WARN warning light (yellow), 3 4G signal strength lights (green)

Product Selection

Hardware selection
order number WG581---


N (network type) L:LTE,WLAN:WiFi
M (Wireless Module) L07: 4G CAT4 full Netcom seven-mode, Q2S/F61: 4G CAT1, L09: 4G CAT4 overseas version
P (Platform and Protocol) WMQTT (Wotong Bolian Platform), MMQTT (Modbus version), MQTT (General MQTT), WCONN (Device Express)
S (serial port type) 485: RS485 serial port, 232: RS232 serial port
Example WG581-LL07-MQTT-232: Support 4G CAT4 seven-mode full Netcom, support general MQTT platform, RS232 interface
WG581-LQ2S-WMQTT-485: Support 4G CAT1, support Wutong Bolian WMQTT platform, RS485 interface
WG581-WLAN-WMQTT -485: Support 2.4G WIFI, support Wutong Bolian WMQTT platform, RS485 interface

[Product introduction] Industrial intelligent gateway - introduction

【Product Specification】WG581 Product SpecificationV1.0

【Product User Manual】Gateway Product User Manual V6.2

【API Document】Open platform format API interface V5.6

【Software Product】IOT Device Express V1.9

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