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WG581 Industrial Intelligent Gateway

WG581 Industrial Intelligent Gateway

    WG581 intelligent gateway has the function of intelligent data mining and analysis, and it is the entrance and engine of the industrial Internet. It is suitable for large-scale distributed device access nodes. It can collect data from devices and compute them, and then transmit to cloud service center.

Support 4G/3G/GPRS/WIFI/ethernet network

one network ports, 1 serial ports

Can  Parsing the PLC protocol,and compute them

Support  Serial to TCP and VPN Tunnel

Support Support access device cloud platform

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      WG581 series is an embedded industrial intelligent gateway with one network ports supporting PLC protocol analysis, penetration transmission, edge computing and application distribution deployment technology. It is suitable for large-scale distributed access node equipment, embedded protocol analyzer can through analyzing the field devices data to the gateway node to collect the calculation and analysis, and then through the pipeline transmission through Bolian to the back-end database, convenient customer application system access; at the same time can be achieved on the penetration of the full range of pipeline equipment the remote control and upgrade the PLC program. It is widely used in industrial fields such as elevator, air compressor, packaging machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, engineering machinery, textile machinery, water supply equipment, thermal boiler and so on. A variety of network access, easy deployment and improvement of management and application functions to help industrial customers build an industrial 4 service system.

More than one hundred protocols are supported, among which the mainstream PLC protocols as follows

Schneider PLC
Modbus TCP
Modbus RTU
Siemens PLC
Siemens  PLC S7-200 PPI
Siemens   PLC S7-200 Ethernet
Siemens   PLC S7-300 Ethernet
Mitsubishi PLC
Mitsubishi FX1S  RS232
Mitsubishi  FX2N  RS232
Mitsubishi  FX3U  RS232
Mitsubishi  PLC FX  RS485
Mitsubishi  Q  RS485/RS422
Mitsubishi  Q  TCP
Delta PLC Delta  DVP  PLC

Rich interface, easy to deploy
   Support 4G, 3G, PPPOE, Wi-Fi network, digital IO input and output, serial port terminal communication, and provide different access schemes for different applications.
  Intelligence analysis, efficient access
The embedded protocol analyzer supports the mainstream industrial control protocol Modbus protocol and customized specific protocol. It realizes local computation through policy rule calculation and application deployment distribution, and improves the control and real-time performance of the device.
 Pipeline transmission and data aggregation
Embedded objects through Bolian pipeline protocol, standardized access site complex machine type, and the data gathered to calculate data center storage. Support through cloud system through Bolian pipeline pipeline, pipeline, pipeline, application protocol strategy distribution pipeline, pipeline data mapping.
High reliability design 
1) link detection design: support link real-time detection, realize the drop line automatic repullout, and maintain link long connection.
2) self healing design of equipment failure: embedded hardware watchdog and software watchdog technology, equipment operation fault self repair, guarantee equipment to maintain high availability.
3) system security guard: through the system security guards, real-time detect the status and application state of the system, prevent and restore the system's unsafe and unstable nodes.
A powerful security function
1) data transmission security: support L2TP, PPTP, IPSec VPN, Open VPN, CA certificate to secure data security transmission.
2) network security: powerful firewall functions, can be customized according to customer demand for a full range of protection strategies, such as support for SPI full state detection, Secure Shell (SSH), intrusion protection (no Ping), DDoS defense, attack and defense, IP-MAC binding and other anti wall function guaranteed against outsideattacks.
Open platform and customized development
Up to 580x1.6DMIPs computing power is competent for a variety of complex computing; rich system resources are suitable for developing a variety of complex applications. The design idea of open platform, can be tailored to specific application scenarios and application requirements for the customer or by the Wutong Bolian development team to develop the corresponding APP and loaded into the routing system.

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