Smart Breeding System
Real-time dynamic monitoring to improve safety management level

Device interconnection

Data real-time monitoring

Equipment remote maintenance

Data Analysis Application

Real-time fault alarm

Process monitoring


Demand context Solution Advantage Case

Demand context


Smart farming is from "people + process + management" to "digital + intelligence", from refined management to digital and intelligent operation. In the past, the core advantage of the pig industry was the refinement of management, and its business model was usually based on "people + process + management", which brought cost reduction and improved operating efficiency, which was also the main reason for the pig group to win. reason. In the era of digital economy, with the development of big data, 5G, Internet of Things and other technologies, "digital + intelligent" operation, that is, digital and intelligent operation, has gradually become the core competitiveness of group enterprises.



The intelligent breeding scheme of WTBL is to connect the LORA data acquisition terminal WD140 or WD240 with the temperature and humidity sensors, PLC and other devices at the pig farm site, and transmit the data to the corresponding node's WTBL Industrial Union intelligent gateway via LORA wireless to obtain the data of the temperature and humidity sensors and PLC at the site for real-time monitoring. At the same time, the data can be transmitted to the WTBL data cloud platform or a third-party platform through the various equipment networking modes of the gateway to monitor the operation of the entire farm. At the same time, engineers can monitor the process flow of the on-site PLC through the IOT Bolian equipment express, and PLC remote configuration, diagnosis, and upload and download programs.

Internet of Everything

Intelligent Collection

Edge Computing

Cloud Application

Schema topology


Programme benefits


Device interconnection

LORA and 4G combine to realize device interconnection

Data real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of data collection on the cloud to control the breeding status

Equipment remote maintenance

Remote equipment management and maintenance to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement

Real-time fault alarm

Support SMS and email alarm push function

Process monitoring

Cloud configuration realizes monitoring of breeding process

Data Analysis Application

Big data analysis to optimize farming technology

Application case


Realize the data visualization of factory
equipment network operation management and production line monitoring
and data interconnection of various information systems

Classic customers::

Smart factory production line equipment interconnection and monitoring project

Realize data acquisition, remote control and maintenance of on-site equipment
Realize the monitoring of real-time data, historical data and alarm data
Realize operation management of field equipment and visual monitoring of production line data

Application industry projects:
rural sewage monitoring, urban sewage monitoring, secondary water supply monitoring……

Industry project IoT monitoring platform construction

Build a safe and reliable maintenance channel
Realize remote operation and maintenance of equipment distributed around the world
Reduce operating costs and improve service quality

Application industry:
water treatment equipment, construction machinery equipment, industrial lubrication equipment……

Distributed equipment remote maintenance management system

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