Rural Sewage Monitoring
Integrated IoT solution for rural sewage data cloud platform

Equipment remote monitoring

Data is online in real time

Equipment remote maintenance

Big data intelligent application

Efficient fault alarm

Data report analysis


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Demand context


Most of the rural sewage is relatively remote and scattered, and it is necessary to centrally monitor the real-time monitoring of the village sewage stations under its jurisdiction, including the operation status of all equipment, the online status of water quality, and video camera images. Integrate the relationship between the process and the process use, and analyze a set of optimized energy and process solutions to reduce operation and maintenance costs.



The remote operation and maintenance management system of rural sewage provided by wtbl is an integrated Internet of things solution based on the industrial intelligent gateway of edge computing and the distributed rural sewage data cloud platform, which realizes unified platform based data monitoring, configuration technology monitoring, data early warning and alarm, report analysis and management and other applications for the scattered rural sewage stations. Realize the real-time upload of the operation status data, videos and pictures of each site, so as to facilitate the management personnel to summarize and analyze the daily operation; Remote upload, download and remote debugging are carried out through the remote maintenance system of Internet of Things.

Internet of Everything

Intelligent Collection

Edge Computing

Cloud Application

Schema topology


Programme benefits


Equipment remote monitoring

Realize data collection and monitoring of sewage treatment station flowmeter, online instrumentation, PLC, video system and other equipment

Data is online in real time

Real-time upload of operating status data, videos and pictures of each sewage treatment station to form a complete perception layer system

Efficient fault alarm

Automatic alarm for equipment failure, and alarm information is automatically pushed to the manager's mobile phone

Equipment remote maintenance

PLC remote upload and download, remote debugging can be realized through the equipment express line to ensure the healthy operation and service life of the equipment.

Big data intelligent application

Intelligent analysis of big data to optimize site process and efficiency

Data report analysis

Integrate and analyze data from multiple dimensions to control the operation and compliance of sewage treatment

Application case


Realize the data visualization of factory
equipment network operation management and production line monitoring
and data interconnection of various information systems

Classic customers::

Smart factory production line equipment interconnection and monitoring project

Realize data acquisition, remote control and maintenance of on-site equipment
Realize the monitoring of real-time data, historical data and alarm data
Realize operation management of field equipment and visual monitoring of production line data

Application industry projects:
rural sewage monitoring, urban sewage monitoring, secondary water supply monitoring……

Industry project IoT monitoring platform construction

Build a safe and reliable maintenance channel
Realize remote operation and maintenance of equipment distributed around the world
Reduce operating costs and improve service quality

Application industry:
water treatment equipment, construction machinery equipment, industrial lubrication equipment……

Distributed equipment remote maintenance management system

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