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Wutong Bolian·The industrial equipment data platform is a highly concurrent cloud platform for remote management and visualization of industrial equipment data, which is widely used in intelligent factory data acquisition middle platform, remote equipment operation management platform, Internet of Things data cloud platform in various industries, etc.

Such as water environmental protection monitoring system, secondary water supply monitoring system, energy management system and so on.

Equipment access

Efficient data collection

Configuration Control

Data analysis

Preventive maintenance

API interface

Equipment remote operation management

It supports standardized access of massive devices, obtains the basic information of devices, online operation status, geographic information distribution, etc. in real time, and manages devices and gateways.

Data real-time monitoring

Monitor the real-time parameters of the equipment, and at the same time, you can view the historical curve or data of a certain parameter

Fault alarm notification

Through the alarm function and early warning mechanism, the abnormal situation of the equipment can be found in time, and the alarm information will be notified to the corresponding management personnel through mobile phones and emails in time, and inspection and maintenance will be carried out in time.

Equipment remote maintenance

Combined with the IoT Express Bolian Equipment Express Line, the operation and maintenance of on-site equipment can realize remote diagnosis, remote debugging, and remote upload and download of programs.

Run screen configuration monitoring

Provide various visualization components, users can realize the process configuration monitoring of field equipment and field projects with zero programming and building blocks according to project and application requirements.

Data intelligent analysis

Help enterprises to quickly complete multi-data integration through the visual operation interface, large data screen and data report, establish a unified data caliber, and display and analyze data in an intuitive, multi-dimensional and real-time manner

Open interface

Provide an open API interface to facilitate the upper-layer business system to call data and quickly build various professional industrial application systems.

Primary function



Device management

Gateway management

Model management


Error alarm

Maintain Work Order

Remote maintenance


Large data screen

Configuration display

Video surveillance


Equipment Efficiency Analysis

Historical data analysis

Alarm data analysis


Role Permissions

Equipment allocation

Account management

Platform advantage


Efficient operation management

The IoT cloud platform can reduce internal process management, improve work efficiency, and reduce product management and operation costs

Massive device access

Support the access of massive devices, improve the safe and reliable data processing capacity, facilitate the safe access of various devices and achieve big data aggregation.

Assist in industrial upgrading

Support the efficient construction of various IoT applications (such as data collection, equipment monitoring, remote control of equipment, etc.), and assist customers in transformation and upgrading.

Data analysis application

The platform provides various alarm data analysis, historical data analysis, real-time data analysis and comprehensive analysis tools for operating efficiency



Public cloud

Open a cloud platform account and purchase gateway products to transfer data to the cloud

Private cloud

Purchase a private cloud platform and deploy it, and the data can be uploaded to the cloud with the IoT gateway


Develop and customize according to customer requirements

Application industry


Smart factory

Sewage treatment




Ferrous Metallurgy

Mine oil well

Smart Transportation

Smart City

Automated industry



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【User Manual】 Wutong Bolian·Device Data Cloud Platform User Manual

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【Software Product】 Wutong Bolian-IOT Device Express V1.9

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