Intelligent Microgrid System
Intelligent management and control of distributed microgrid

Power Code Support

Rich Internet access

Data normalization

Intelligent operation

High reliability and unattended

Data Analysis Application


Demand context Solution Advantage Case

Demand context


The role of microgrids in ensuring safe and reliable power supply in the region has been highly recognized by the industry and society. Distributed microgrids have outstanding advantages, but their control is difficult. Therefore, smart microgrids are widely promoted and applied. According to the project characteristics of distributed sites, Wutong Bolian has many successful cases and a complete set of solutions from on-site data collection to platform application.



Through wtbl's integration of industrialization and industrialization and edge computing gateway, the operation and power generation of the power generation system are monitored, and the power consumption is collected and summarized, so as to make intelligent analysis and control of power consumption and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and consumption reduction; And through the alarm function and early warning mechanism, abnormal conditions of the equipment can be found in time, and timely inspection and maintenance can be carried out to prevent accidents. The comprehensive monitoring and data analysis of the entire microgrid can realize the operation and maintenance, reasonable dispatching and decision-making of the whole process of power generation, distribution and sales.

Internet of Everything

Intelligent Collection

Edge Computing

Cloud Application

Schema topology


Programme benefits


Power Code Support

Support various power regulations, such as IEC101, 103, 104, DTL-645, etc.

Rich Internet access

Support 5G, 4, WIFI, Ethernet and other Internet access methods

High reliability and unattended

High reliability, suitable for unattended scenarios

data normalization

Support edge computing and data standardization

Intelligent operation

Supporting intelligent operation and management of microgrid

Data Analysis Application

Support data aggregation, cleaning, calculation, analysis and other functions, rational scheduling and decision-making

Application case


Realize the data visualization of factory
equipment network operation management and production line monitoring
and data interconnection of various information systems

Classic customers::

Smart factory production line equipment interconnection and monitoring project

Realize data acquisition, remote control and maintenance of on-site equipment
Realize the monitoring of real-time data, historical data and alarm data
Realize operation management of field equipment and visual monitoring of production line data

Application industry projects:
rural sewage monitoring, urban sewage monitoring, secondary water supply monitoring……

Industry project IoT monitoring platform construction

Build a safe and reliable maintenance channel
Realize remote operation and maintenance of equipment distributed around the world
Reduce operating costs and improve service quality

Application industry:
water treatment equipment, construction machinery equipment, industrial lubrication equipment……

Distributed equipment remote maintenance management system

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