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Data Cloud


Platform features
1, efficient operation management, efficiency and cost reduction: IOT cloud platform can provide platform for enterprise equipment to interact with cloud applications and other devices, reduce internal process management and improve efficiency, reduce product management and operation costs.
2, support for high concurrency and massive device access: support for hundreds of thousands or millions of device access, and provide safe and reliable data processing capabilities, to facilitate the safety standard access and large data aggregation of various devices.
3, service oriented manufacturing industry upgrading: Power Construction from the sensor to the cloud platform industry 4 system platform, support efficient construction of a variety of networking applications (such as data acquisition, monitoring equipment, equipment remote control, etc.) from primary manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading customer assistance.
4, data mining and analysis of large data: platform provides all kinds of alarm data analysis, historical data analysis, real-time data analysis and efficiency analysis tools; from the gateway to comprehensive operation edge computing platform, the equipment can achieve effective data mining and analysis.

system architecture
Wutong Bolian distributed equipment data cloud platform architecture, and is mainly composed of four levels:
1. application platform layer
The integrated service platform through the application of cloud data object Bolian platform focused on industrial equipment, data mining, analysis and application. Platform support device data aggregation, data transmission (download PLC program on the remote), asset management, data monitoring, operation and maintenance, maps show, large screen display and a variety of data analysis and advanced business implementation, provide data for the application of a full range of services for the equipment manufacturers.
2. data storage layer
Divided into two types: one to upload data to the object through Bolian cloud data center (Gong Youyun), a server deployed in the user database center (Si Youyun).
3. intelligent gateway layer
Equipped with an industrial intelligent gateway device layer, intelligent gateway is the set of 4G/3G/WIFI/PPPOE VPN network, virtual private network, protocol analysis and calculation of edge equipment technology in one of the networking industry intelligent gateway, with low power consumption, wide temperature, wide voltage, small size, light weight, convenient for application in harsh industrial environments, small in the stability of the software watchdog and software security guards to protect the system and application.
4. Device layer
The platform supports massive access to all kinds of field devices. Through equipment management, type management and variable management, data can be excavated, analyzed, applied and managed for various devices.




Platform Function

It is divided into four main blocks: asset management, authority management, operation management, data analysis
1、 asset management: the management of equipment, gateways, spare parts distributed around the world is divided into sub area, sub area and sub station. It can get the basic information of equipment, online operation and geographic information distribution in real time.
2、 rights management: through account management, device ownership and role permissions, we can manage the devices, manage them separately, divide users and roles into different parts, and facilitate different personnel to manage different equipment rights, work together and coordinate control.
3 operation management: through operation and fault alarm platform, single platform, data monitoring platform and other functions of the equipment data and conduct all-round monitoring and control, can efficiently find the product problems in the operating process, proposed the adjustment scheme and the correct method of timely, and effective use of resources, equipment the operation and market development plan
4、 data analysis  to help enterprises to quickly complete the data integration, the establishment of a unified data caliber, with intuitive, multi-dimensional, real-time display and analysis of data, and in the mobile terminal real-time view and share, fully activate the internal data, through data analysis for equipment maintenance, maintenance, analysis of health status and provide a reliable, abundant the data support; while providing large data support for marketing and business development.。


Mobile APP   
       Provide device information, gateway information, operation and maintenance information, GIS map display, equipment statistics, remote control, remote diagnosis, real-time monitoring, fault alarm, historical curve, energy efficiency analysis, etc.


application area
Wutong Bolian distributed data cloud application platform the main application areas: sewage treatment, printing machinery, textile machinery, processing equipment, CNC machine tools, intelligent agriculture, remote control and other fields of boiler.

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