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WR515 Series Industrial Routers
A five-port 4G and WiFi rail-type industrial router

Hw Param: single-core CPU, 128MB storage, five 100M Ethernet ports, two serial ports

Cellular Networking: 4G CAT 1 LTE, 4G CAT4 seven-mode full Netcom

WiFi networking: 2.4GHZ frequency band, 802.11b/g/n protocol (300Mbps), AP/STA/Relay mode


Application scenarios: smart factory networking, industrial system networking, self-service vending machines, self-service terminals, manufacturing equipment networking, etc.

Fast and convenient, easy to deploy

Support 4G, 3G, PPPoE, Wi-Fi network, digital IO input and output, serial terminal communication, and provide different solutions for different applications.

High-speed access, network-wide deployment

Support 4G (TDD LTE/FDD LTE), 3G (HSPA+/CDMA2000-EVDO/TDSCDMA), GPRS and other networks, fully covering all 4G/3G networks at home and abroad. To meet the needs of wireless access, it is easy to build a wireless local area network with a rate of up to 300Mbps.

Industrial grade design

Support 6V~35V wide voltage power supply, -20℃~70℃ industrial grade wide temperature design, adapt to more application sites with power supply requirements and temperature requirements. With IO control function, making remote control easy to achieve. With its own RS-232/RS-485 serial port wireless data terminal communication function, it is more in line with the needs of industrial customers. At the same time, it also has the following characteristics:
1)Metal shell, the protection level is IP30.
2)The EMC level indicators are up to level 3.
3)The Ethernet port supports 1.5KV isolation transformer protection.
4)The serial port supports 15KV ESD protection.

High reliability design

1) Link detection design: Support link real-time detection, realize automatic redialing of dropped calls, and maintain long link connections.
2) Equipment fault self-healing design: Embedded hardware watchdog and software watchdog technology, equipment operation fault self-healing, to ensure the equipment maintains high availability.
3) System Security Guard: Through the system security guard, real-time detection of system status and application status, prevention and recovery of unsafe and unstable nodes of the system.

Powerful security features

1) Data transmission security: Support L2TP, PPTP, IPSec VPN, Open VPN, and CA certificates to ensure secure data transmission.
2) Network protection security: Powerful firewall function, which can customize a full range of protection strategies according to customer needs, such as supporting SPI full state detection, Secure Shell (SSH), intrusion protection (forbidding Ping), DDoS defense, attack defense, IP -The wall function such as MAC binding protects the network from external attacks.

Simple to use, easy to operate and maintain

The WEB interface is user-friendly, with clear logic and clear at a glance, which greatly improves the efficiency of user configuration.
1) Supports reading logs locally or remotely, regardless of whether the management platform, WEB, or CLI are used, the logs read are clear and easy to understand, and the logs can help engineers quickly locate problems and improve work efficiency.
2) Querying the status information of the device router, such as CPU load, memory usage, network status, and device port status, is very important for troubleshooting.
3) Support engineers' advanced diagnosis function, which is convenient for quickly finding and repairing fault points during project construction

Support serial DTU transmission function

Support DTU serial transmission protocols such as WDTCP, WDUDP, TCP, UDP, etc., and support customized professional intelligent conversion protocols according to the needs of different industries.

Open platform, customized development

The computing power of up to 880x2 DMIPs is capable of various complex calculations; the rich system resources are suitable for developing various complex applications. Adopting the open platform design concept, customers can develop corresponding APPs by themselves or by the IoT development team and load them into the routing system according to specific application scenarios and application requirements.

Application scenarios


Software Specifications
Network features network access Support APN, VPDN
network authentication Support CHAP/PAP authentication
TDD-LTE/FDD LTE/NR 5G For specific frequency band information, please refer to the ordering information table
LAN protocol ARP support
WAN protocol PPP support
IP application Support Ping, Trace, DHCP Server, DHCP Relay, DHCP Client, DNS relay, DDNS, Telnet
IP routing Support static routing
Protocol standard Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operating mode Support FAT AP, FIT AP, STA, Relay and other working modes
Band rate Support 2.4G/5.8G dual-band, support 300Mbps~1300Mbps optional rate
safety features Support open system, shared key, WPA/WPA2 authentication
Support WEP/TKIP/AES encryption
Transmission distance 100~300m (the actual transmission distance depends on the site environment)
safety Protection security Support stateful packet inspection (SPI), prevent denial of service (DoS) attacks, filter multicast/Ping detection packets, source port mapping, destination port mapping, DMZ, access control function (ACL), IPMAC binding
Data Security Support L2TP VPN/PPTP VPN/IPSec VPN/ OPEN VPN
reliability link detection Support sending heartbeat detection packet detection, automatic connection when disconnected
watchdog Support equipment operation self-check technology, equipment operation fault self-repair
safety guard Real-time care of various functional modules, pre-judgment and processing of possible errors
Intelligent Integrated DTU Support WDTCP, WDUDP, transparent TCP, transparent UDP and other protocol transmission
Service, management and maintenance Traffic management Support bandwidth statistics, control, IP speed limit
Configuration method Support telnet, web, ssh, remote platform configuration
Upgrade mode
log function
Support web upgrade and remote upgrade
Support local system log, remote log. Important logs are saved when powered off.
Network management function Support cloud network management platform, batch management
maintenance tool Ping, DNS resolution, route tracking, network interface status display, AT command test, etc.
Status query System status, module status, network connection status, routing status, etc. 

Hardware Specifications
Interface features Power interface DC 6V-35V (terminal)
Ethernet port 5*10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port, LAN/WAN port, 1.5KV network isolation transformer protection, including: FE0 (LAN/WAN), FE1-FE4 (LAN).
Serial interface 1 RS-232/485 interface (terminal), 15KV ESD protection
SIM card holder Drawer type card holder* 1
IO digital One IO digital input and one IO digital output (connection terminal)
reset button Pinhole reset button
Antenna connector 3G/4G network: SMA x 1, WLAN: RP-SMA x 1
Mechanical properties Dimensions 129x107x45(mm)
Installation method rail type
shell Metal shell (local gold)
Protection class IP30
Cooling method Fanless cooling
weight 500g
equipment power Standby power 80mA-120mA@12V
Working power 200mA-220mA@12V
peak power 240mA@12.0V
environment humidity environment humidity 5% ~ 95% (no frosting)
storage temperature -40℃~ 85℃
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
indicator light 1*6 indicator lights POWER light (red), STATUS light (green), WARN warning light (yellow), ERR error light (red light), Wi-Fi light (blue light), 3 4G signal strength lights (green)

Product Selection

Hardware selection
order number WR515---
N (network type) L: LTE, WLAN: WIFI
M (Wireless Module) L07: 4G CAT4 full Netcom seven-mode (TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE, etc.), domestic version;
L09: 4G CAT4 full Netcom seven-mode (TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE, etc.), overseas version;
Q2S: 4G CAT1 full Netcom (Only supports TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE), domestic version.
S (serial port) 485: 485 serial port, 232: 232 serial port
Example WR215-LL07-232 (five Ethernet ports, 4G CAT4 full Netcom, 232 serial ports)
WR215-LQ2S-485 (five Ethernet ports, 4G CAT1 full Netcom, 485 serial ports)
WR215-LL07-WLAN-485 (five Ethernet ports, 4G CAT4 Full Netcom, 2.4G WIFI, 485 serial port)
WR215-LL09-485 (five network ports, 4G CAT4 full Netcom - foreign version, 485 serial port)

【Product Specification】WR515 Product SpecificationV1.0

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