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WD140 Data Terminal
supports LORA or 4G wireless serial port transpare

HW parameters: 1 channel 232/485 serial port, 2AI-1DI-1DO and other multi-channel IO

Networking function: CAT1 4G, high power LORA (433MHZ, 915MHZ)

Acquisition function: support acquisition of analog quantity, digital quantity acquisition, support fast pulse counting

Local transparent transmission: realize wireless data transparent transmission within 12KM through LORA

Cloud access: realize remote wireless data monitoring with cloud platform through 4G

Application scenarios: factories, mines, oil fields, water conservancy, agriculture, ports, etc.

Rich IO acquisition interface

Supports 2 channels of 12-bit high-precision analog inputs, supports 1 channel of digital input and 1 channel of digital output (2AI, 1DI, 1DO), supports current type and voltage type, supports multiple ranges and multiplier calculations; supports 1 channel of dry and wet contact optional 0~60V digital input (default dry contact, support counter function); support 1 channel of optocoupler isolated transistor output;

Wireless LORA transmission function

Built-in high-power, long-distance LORA transmission chip, the transmit power can reach 30dbm, and the maximum support 12KM distance transmission; support 410~493MHz and 850~930MHz optional frequency bands, available at home and abroad;
flexibly configure LORA channels, Parameters such as power and air rate; support the setting of maximum frame length and timeout time, suitable for various data packets and corresponding speed scenarios

Standard Modbus RTU protocol

Support standard Modbus RTU protocol for local IO control and data acquisition

Wireless 4G data to the cloud

Support uploading serial port and IO data to various cloud platforms and systems through MQTT protocol through 4G network

Wireless transparent transmission

Support wireless transparent transmission of 232 or 485 serial ports, support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint data transparent transmission, support interference-free data transparent transmission of coexistence of different systems

High reliability industrial grade design

1)6~35V wide voltage design, -40~+85℃ wide temperature design;
2)Isolated RS232 or RS485 design, 15KV ESD protection;
3)Adopt optocoupler isolated digital input, precise reference voltage and high reliability relay design;

Application Scenarios

Wired serial port read and write IO
Wireless LORA read and write IO
LORA serial port data transparent transmission
Wireless 4G data to the cloud
Point-to-multipoint local networking


Hardware Specifications
Hardware platform CPU core 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4
Interface features Power interface DC 6V-35V (terminal)
Serial interface 1 serial port (RS232/RS485), 15KV ESD protection, 9600~115200bps, default 19200
Analog input 2 AIs with 12-bit acquisition accuracy (current type and voltage type are optional)
Current type 4~20mA, 0~20mA Voltage: 0~5V, 0~10V, etc.
digital input 1 channel optocoupler isolation 0~60V input DI, support counter function (default dry contact)
digital output 1 channel optocoupler isolated digital output DO, less than 1A load
Antenna connector LORA Antenna: SMA x 1, 4G Antenna: SMA x 1
SIM card holder In-line card slot* 1 (medium card)
Terminals 12*3.5mm
LORA (optional) Working frequency 410~493MHz or 850~930MHz optional
Receive sensitivity 150dBm
transmit power 22dBm (maximum 30DB)
Communication distance 12KM (recommended indoor 1~2KM, outdoor 4~6KM)
air rate 0.48Kbps~62.5Kbps (up to 300Kbps)
Emission current 650mA
LORA channel Configurable
4G (optional) network standard LTE Cat1, the maximum downlink rate is 10Mbps, and the maximum uplink rate is 5Mbps
Mechanical properties Dimensions 93x54x22mm
Installation method Panel Mount
shell black shell
Protection class IP30
Cooling method Fanless cooling
weight 260g
equipment power
Standby power 200mA-240mA@12V
Working power 250mA-290mA@12V
peak power 300mA@12.0V
environment humidity environment humidity 5 %~ 95% (no frosting)
storage temperature -40℃~ 85℃
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
indicator light PWR Power indicator display
WITH Serial port status light display
LORA LORA indicator
LIVE Running status light display
Modbus address mapping table
category project address
Analog input sample value AI0~AI1 40000, 40001 (unsigned integer) 30000,
30001 (unsigned integer)
Analog input real value AI0~AI1 40050, 40052 (float) 30050,
30052 (float)
digital input DI0 10000 (switch value)
digital output DO0 00000 (switch value)

Product Selection

Hardware selection
order number WD140-- -
N (uplink network) L (with LORA module) / G (with 4G module CAT1) / W (with WIFI module, under development*)
I (IO model) M0211 (M means module, 0 means no AO, 2 means 2 AI, 1 means 1 DI, 1 means 1 DO)
S (serial port type) -232: RS232 serial port; -485: RS485 serial port
T (extension module) -16TF (16GB TF card), -16SSD (16GB SSD hard disk), -GPS (with positioning)
WD140-LM0211-485 (domestic frequency band: 410~493MHz LORA, 485 serial port)
WD140-GM0211-485 (domestic frequency band: 4G CAT1 , 485 serial port) WD190
-LM0211-485 (domestic frequency band: 850~930MHz, 22dbm, 485 serial port)

【Product Specification】WD140 Product SpecificationV1.0

[Product User Manual] WD140 Product User Manual V1.05

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